Sunday, April 19, 2009

FCBD Mania

Free Comic Book Day is coming up on May 2nd and I have a couple of things going on. Firstly, I've been asked to be a part of a FCBD download anthology, the cover of which is above. As you can see the theme is ancient civilizations and my 5 pager is about ancient Egypt and the God Anubis. You can Download the whole book filled with a bunch of talented people on May 2nd at this website. Here's the official blurb.

The Ancient Age presented by Wide Awake Press
On May 2nd (Free Comic Book Day!) revel in a pantheon of illustrated lore from the ancient age. This free comic download gathers fantastic stories about the world's earliest civilizations, as told by the mighty sequential artisans of today. A monumental mix of new and classic tales featuring heroes, philosophers, creatures, and gods. It’ll be spectacularly epic, epically spectacular, spantafically epilacar—it’ll be good!

And here's a list of the people involved.

Dan Boyd
Michael Bresnahan
J Chris Campbell
Andrew Davis
Andrew Drilion
Patrick Dean
Paul Friedrich
Alexis Frederick-Frost
Justin Gammon
Bernie Gonzalas
Brad Mcgintiy
Corinne Mucha
Dusty Harbin
Mike LaRiccia
Joe Lambert
Josh Latta
Pat Lewis
Rey Ortega
Katie Skelly
Steve Steiner
Ben Towle
Rob Ullman
Jeff Zwirek

It's a strong group of cartoonists and I want to thank J Chris Campbell, (the man behind Wide Awake Press) for allowing me to be involved.

In addition to the download I'll also be doing some work at the Roselle Public Library, who are having several comics people doing talks and workshops for all the kids. I'm going to be doing a presentation on comic drawing, and on getting published...or at least self publishing. Should be a good time with free comics, and buddy Elliot Serrano will be on hand to talk about his writing prowess.

I'm almost out of portraits to post so I suppose I'll be going back to posting once a week or so with whatever I'm currently working on. Lately I've been lucky enough to get some commissions that have put some money in my pocket, and I've been doing lots of writing (in my head at least) for the next long form comic. Before starting that though, I'll put doing more short comics, like the one to appear in the Ancient Age, and I'll have a piece in the new Big Ass Mini BAM 2 anthology.

In related news, the bindledog guys and myself have recently landed a legit job producing cartoon shorts for Those should start appearing soon, and I'll post them here for people to check out.

For anybody who might be missing them, I am planning on getting back to the cartoon excersises from Ivan Brunetti's book, so stay close.

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