Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

Hey, thanks to everyone who stopped by my table last weekend at the Chicago Comic-Con, or Wizard World as it's formerly known. Below is pictured my Bro behind all the wares.

Here is Don Wood, all around good guy and table neighbor. Don and I had a good time talking comics and discussing poor sales. Check out those wrist bands!

Mr.Big himself, Rob Vendetti of Surrogates fame. Soon to be a huge Movie starring Bruce Willis. Rob is another all around good guy and mini-comics supporter.

This fine looking chap is Tim Sievert. Tim is responsible for the excellent book That Salty Air, but I picked up his new mini the intrepideers, which I first read on the Top Shelf 2.0 website.

My other table neighbor was David Yardin, who is a fantastically talented artist for Marvel, doing cover for X-factor. David wasn't only nice, but Australian to boot! No picture available.
I also got to hang out and talk to plenty of other cool people like Neil Jam himself and Mason Johnson comics writer extraordinaire.


Andrew Wales said...

I loved the book "Salty Air". I didn't even know that artist was there! I had a great time, but one of the bummers is looking back at what I missed out on cuz there was just too much to see.

Jeff said...

Yeah, Tim is a great artist and a nice guy. Picked up a couple mini's he did about his fantasy D&D team, the intrepideers. Great stuff.