Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Okay, well I guess I haven't posted anything in a while. It's been crazy round here, and I've neglected the one web log that updates up to a dozen people on my goings on. Shame on me. So, real quick.
I just finished up a weekend helping to put on CAKE, the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. It was a whole ton of work that me and fellow organizers Neil Brideau, Edie Fake, Max Morris, and Grace Tran put together. It happened this past weekend, (June 16th and 17th) at Columbia Colleges Ludington building. I uploaded some pictures of the weekend and the side events over on the CAKE flicker page. 
It was a great time, and I met a lot of new people and saw old friends. It was the first alternative comics show in the city in 16 years and by all accounts was a success. Never ones to rest on our laurels, the organizers were seen on Grace's porch the night after the show discussing the events and preparing for next year.
I could go on with the details of the show, but I'm still too tired....
Also since I've last posted things have been growing with the guys over at bindledog. We recently saw the debut of Comedy Bang Bang on IFC. Why is this significant? Because Comedy Bang Bang is a great podcast and now a great TV show? No, Because the super talent know as Paul Hornschemeier was the concept artist of the show? No... well....yes, yes because of that, and because Paul hired us at bindledog on the animate his artwork for the title sequence.  So that was fun. You can see the show and our title sequence every Friday night over on IFC. That's the Independent Film Channel....Yes it's a cable channel...Yes, really....they've been around for a while...I don't know ten years?....Yes, really.   We're also still putting out cartoons once in a while for other people who run a sporting organization of sorts. In unrelated news, Dave Dameshek has a great podcast, we love that guy.
Last, and certainly least when it comes to the time I have left, is the Burning Building Comix Collection that I'm still working on. That sucker is nearly done, but keeps getting pushed back by the likes of CAKE and IFC. Still I promise it will be done, and soon!....whats that? ....I don't know a couple weeks, maybe sooner...yeah, well then off to the printer!...what's that? take a couple months, they're over seas....(sigh).
Also, my kids are great.

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