Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SPACE 2013

So I went to SPACE this past weekend. I had a great time. Thanks to Bob Corby for organizing and to everyone who stopped by my table and picked up a copy of the book. I traveled with my brother Adam and his fiance Maria. We had a great time and they are great salesman! They did far better when I left the table to scout out cool comics, or chat up old friends. It's been about 4 years since I last went to SPACE and I haven't seen the new location. It was nice, and everyone is in the same room, always a great deal if it can be managed. Lots of great comics people on hand and I'd say the comics community has grown quite strong since I've last visited. Thanks Ohio for your spread out cities and waffle houses, for your kind friendly people, and for not killing me in my cheap hotel room. Somebody got thrown through a window at 1 am. The fire alarms went off and scared the hell out of us. Adam said he heard a gunshot. It was a thing. Regardless, our spirits could not be dampened ol' grand Ohio.

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