Sunday, March 16, 2008

On the road again...

Sticking to the format, I got a couple things to share. First off, a picture of the boy.

This was taken on Halloween, Van was a punk rocker, and this was after the other parts of his costume were shed. Also, as promised I have the video I put together for SPACE 2008. There's not much coverage of the show, but plenty of footage of two guys in car! least it's short.

And finally here are the three shuffle songs from my ipod.

"I hate myself and I want to die" by Nirvana, from the boxed set.

"Little red light" by Fountains of Wayne

"That Great Love Sound" by the Raveonettes.

I love Nirvana, but some of their noisy jam stuff is just to much of a wank off for me. Once again Fountains of Wayne show up, already and only two times into this thing, anyway, great song about an answering machine. Then there's the Ravonettes, an extremely unique band, with a Phil Spector type song structure mixed with loud fuzzy guitars. Great stuff. Just in case anybody wanted to know, the music on the video is Driver 8 by R.E.M.

Your Pal, Jeff

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