Monday, March 3, 2008

SPACE 2008

Well, another convention has come and gone. SPACE 2008! Had a good time and met some cool people. Columbus Ohio is a long way from Chicago, six hours, so it's a bit exhausting, but you find things to make it worth while. Like the Waffle House! Damn good stuff! We don't have these in Chicago and when I first saw them, I thought, Waffles? Big fucking deal, who cares that much about waffles? Well I'm an open minded man, always looking to expand my mind, least ways in that it involves food, so I finally went to one, and enjoyed myself some good fucking waffles! This particular trip however I went nuts and tried some chocolate chips on my waffle. That was a mistake. The chocolate chips completely overpowered the delicate beauty of the waffle house waffle! Another life lesson learned.

I've done several trips down to SPACE now, and have never been blown away by the crowds, but managed to do a little better each year. This year however seemed slower that last, but I did meet, and exchange goods with several fine people. See the posed photographs below.

I hooked up with all around good guy Steve Hamaker and had a laugh.

Steve is the talent behind the comic Fish and Chips, not to mention the colorist supreme of Bone!
Check out his technologically talented ass here.

Also meet Pat Lewis, creator of several fine minis, and the beautiful hard cover collection, The Claws Come Out, from IDW.

He was sitting next to fellow Pittsburgian, Ed Piskor, who managed to exchange a copy of his latest book, Wizzywig, with me on the sly.

If you haven't had the chance yet to check out Ed's work, he's doing some real interesting and original stuff.

I also purchased the wares of mini-comic luminaries Neil Fitzpatrick, and Justin Madson, Nice guys with beautiful tables, and solid sales techniques.

Also had the chance to meet fellow Illinoisan John Hankiewicz, the final member of the Holy Consumption I finally got to share a handshake with. I bought John's book Asthma, of which I've only heard good things, and he was nice enough to throw in a mini called bald knob, with a very nicely done lithographed cover!

All of these guys were in the same row, or close to it, making it the most visited section of the floor for me. I was on the other side of the room.

Sunday was a little slow.

As per usual the guys in the tables next to me were very nice, and offered some fun conversation. SPACE does lack the presence of the bigger indie publishers, which tend to bring some excitement to the shows, but Bodega Dist. was there with Sparkplug books right next to them, with some really cool looking stuff. I was too broke to buy much of anything, but they did have a slew of top quality stuff available to the crowd.

Last but not least is a comic drawn by my brother Adam, who keeps me company at these conventions, and at times draws his own comics based on his experiences when he gets bored. Enjoy.

I did take some video of the trip, that I'm gonna have to post later in the week, and maybe I'll talk a little more about conventions in general. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table and bought comics!

Your Pal, Jeff

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Ed Piskor said...

I really dig the Burning Building series. I'm looking forward to future issues and the pressure is on. I expect a lot out of it, man.