Wednesday, July 27, 2011

KickStarter - it begins

Hey, everybody. I've just recently launched my Kickstarter campaign to get a graphic novel version of my mini-comic series, "Burning Building Comix" printed. Obviously, I encourage you to go the the website, look through the different pledge levels, and support the campaign.

I'm pretty jazzed about the whole thing, and very excited about the possibility of publishing my own graphic novel.

Below is a mock up that my printer sent me to prove that it could actually be produced. They may give you a better idea of how the final product will look.

There are a bunch of great rewards to choose from, and among them is a hand-crafted, stuffed pillow. Here are some picture of the finer points of the doll, to help nudge you in that direction.

Thanks so much for looking at the project, and if you decide to get involved and pledge, let me extend my biggest preemptive thanks. The only way this is going to get done is by your generous support, so thanks in advance. Here's the link. Please go and buy stuff.

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