Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Help a brother out.

So everyone who's helped out on the Kickstarter campaign, thanks. And I mean it, cause I don't throw around the thanks haphazardly. No I only thanks those truly worthy, like you out there that took the time to contribute, and those of you who are going to.
In the spirit of supporting the arts, let me point out another worthy cause for people to peruse. Troy Little is the talented artist behind Chiaroscuro and Angora Napkin. This guy even made an animated pilot for Canadian television (which is awesome).
So, Troy is trying to get funding for his own project, this one for the next volume of Angora Napkin. He's over here on Indiegogo, cause he's Canadian and Kickstarter hates maple syrup.
Send some support over his way if you'd be so kind...unless it's money that would have come my way, in which case...these colors don't bleed.

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