Sunday, September 4, 2011

Da Links Da Tanks

Hey, should let everyone know that I'll be at SPX this year with a new book that I'm trying to get done as I write this. I'll also be trying to get more support in there for My kickstarter Campaign which has less than 2 weeks left!
So, if you've waited for whatever reason...Don't Wait Anymore! Go now and pledge your support before it ends and/or fails!
In that vein, I'd like to point out all the folks who've helped me get the word out.

Paul Hornschemeier. The incredibly talented cartoonist and fine gentlemen was kind enough to embed the video on his blog. Word.
Rob Clough. The brilliant comics critic and swell guy also blogged the project on his fantastic website High-Low
Elliot Serrano. The Red Eye's very own Geek was kind enough to interview me for his great column "Geek to me"
Replaned. The comics blog where artists send in their renditions of existing comics panels, put up one of mine, featuring everybody's favorite greedy duck.
The gang over at Quimby's has also been helping out, on the blogs and the twitters and such. I also did an interview for Chicago Artist Magazine, which I don't think is out yet, but I'll pass that along when it comes up.
Then, there's all of you who have helped through word of mouth or on facebook and twitter. Thanks so much.

Also, in case people have forgotten what the inside of Burning Building Comix, looks like, here's an old video I did of me "speed inking" an issue. Tanks all.

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